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The EarthSync Energy Modernization and Climate Change Technology Hub is a commercial site designed to identify high level issues and technologies relevant to climate change mitigation and general sustainability. As of 2009 the world will have had fifty years of increasingly intense warnings from science, and in recent years an apparent majority in public service and among the educated global citizenry. Now, the point of departure for high impact action steps and large-scale deployment of climate change technologies is at hand. What will take place in between 2009 and 2011 to set us up for greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions approaching 40-50% in twenty years? What about the idea of reaching zero global emissions by 2050? What if we find we need to be reversing global GHG in ten years? How can this be accomplished?

The EarthSync Hub is divided in sections on policy, politics, entrepreneurship, sustainability and technology we believe are relevant as of 2009. We expect new ideas to emerge and better ways of focusing on key areas. It is possible geoengineering will find its own navigation bar section here at EarthSync. We do not believe geoengineering needs to be the primary focus until ideas like performance contracting, distributed energy (renewables + CHP + district power + opportunity fuels) and CleanTech mass transit are predominant and being deployed in credible quantities.

Along with behavior modification and more efficient manufacturing and commerce generally, distributed energy (DE) is critical. 70% of our GHG comes from stationary sources. While DE includes Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) technologies, and is a form of cogeneration, cogeneration can mean large, 100+ Megawatt coal-fired and natural gas electrical power plants. While CCHP saves energy by producing close to the end user, natural gas, a fossil fuel, is often used. EarthSync focuses on technical communications that promote the most efficient solutions while attempting to access CleanTech industry leaders and independent authority confirmations.

The EarthSync Hub asks tough questions about business as usual in the energy, public and other sectors and seeks the most cogent and successful solutions to this international retrofit project. One of sections is called System Dynamics, a form of systems science used in understanding corporate problems (see The Fifth Discipline, but also important in ecology theses such as The Limits to Growth. We believe the solution to human-induced climate change can be found in a hybridization of best corporate and governmental practices triangulated with ecological science and ethical media. We believe that harnessing our civilization potential in a new direction, possibly with refinements that are less radical than many might believe, provides for a extremely valuable possibility. We hope that EarthSync can participate in describing and fostering a new social entrepreneurship that leads our global economy and fosters a better civilization.

What is EM/CCT?

The EarthSync Hub covers energy modernization (EM) and climate change technology (CCT). Energy modernization can seem like an obvious set of choices, and climate change technology similarly obvious. The EarthSync Hub believes that there are now and will continue to be a wide array of EMC/CCT choices, however, as with the energy regime of the past, the choices have all manner of special interests and slants embedded. Is ‘Clean Coal’ a real option? How can wind and solar work alone? Is a Hydrogen Economy impossible?

The EarthSync Hub focus on and promotes energy modernization technologies, plans and economics that focus on efficiency, public good and proven technologies being deployed first. EarthSync Hub focus on and promotes the basic framework of climate change technology as it has been promoted by the U.S. Climate Change Technology Program (USCCTP). However, USCCTP is a relatively small program, actually with a very small staff devoted to research. The difference between energy modernization and climate change technology is an important idea. New conventional design coal-fired plants are considered by many to be a type of energy modernization, but would not be considered a CCT. Nuclear power can be considered to be a CCT, but many would argue that the non-climate impacts of nuclear power is not ecologically sound. In the end, we have yet to see if sound policy like the Energy Independence and Security Act might mitigate the number of large centralized fossil and nuclear power plants. EarthSync doesn’t just question technologies or motives, we are willing and able to question our larger systems.

What is EM and CCT? The requirements for alleviating global poverty, fostering sustainable economics based on real infrastructure and less on speculation markets (with carbon credits being a speculative market potentially leading to sustainability), and moving from flawed global politics and unhealthy ethics towards the supporting socioeconomic systems required to focus on addressing climate change, generate a major test for humanity. Failing the human development test in the past and answering challenges with raw economics and warfare are options we can no longer afford.

EarthSync has a section on Sustainable National Security. While our position does not expect total global demilitarization, we do investigate a new reform national security position for the United States and the international community. In the end, ethical, robust energy modernization and climate change technology can mean new economies and basis for civilization in the most underdeveloped, most ecologically fragile corners of our world. Many of these corners, like Afghanistan, have long been magnets of conflict. What would a system of small to medium solar-fuel cell power plants using agricultural wastes for partial power—thus assisting the possibility of non-narcotics agriculture becoming economically advantaged over opium production—potentially do to stabilize Afghanistan? What if nuclear power was redirected and limited to desalination and hydrogen production power? We believe that EM/CCT (a.k.a. CleanTech) means hope as well as commercial activity.

EarthSync and the Future

EarthSync was jump started while providing project management services for the U.S. Department of Transportation Hydrogen Road Tour. In the future the EarthSync Hub will expand beyond its present news site division. Please stay tuned.


Please look for our CleanTech Glossary in coming months.

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